What Are Intersection Partnerships?

Bringing k-12 and museum educators together to collaborate in partnerships at the intersections of formal and informal education and the intersections of science and literacy can change the opportunities to learn in both schools and museums. Jointly developed projects generate new insights, enrich the professional lives of all educators, and change learning opportunities for young people.

A Science and Poetry Mashup Helps Kids Learn to Code

Bees use left-behind code to locate fresh pollen. Early humans left codes on cave walls about their lives. Navajo code talkers encrypted messages that saved thousands of men in the Pacific theater of World War II. And, of course, software engineers write the web with today’s computer code.

Learning to code has become a rite of passage for children today. Afterschool programs, online courses, and hackathons all offer kids the chance to learn HTML and other computing languages. But coding can be more than a “how-to” course. That’s what Intersection partners in North Carolina believed, at least.

Instagram for Science

The pitch to the kids attending the science festival was simple—try this new app and comment on things you learned at the science festival.

The team making the pitch—members of the Maine Writing Project and Maine Discovery Museum—held their collective breath. This was the culmination of more than two years of trial and error in creating an immersive experience for teens that blended writing and science.

A Different Kind of Field Trip

A field trip is a ritual of the school year. But for many, the traditional model of the field trip is not working. Increasingly, teachers are feeling pressure to justify the costs, especially in schools that are strapped financially, as many serving low-income students are. They rush from exhibit to exhibit to see everything. But with museums, sometimes less is more. A child who is engrossed by an exhibit of reptiles should not be nudged along to the next exhibit by the dictates of a worksheet and time clock.