What Are Intersection Partnerships?

Intersections partnerships engage teams of educators from
local science-technology centers and local writing project sites
in a design process of creating, piloting, iterating, and studying
informal science learning opportunities that move fluidly across the boundaries of school, museum, and community. The design and reflection process becomes the occasion for the professional development that activates rich practice and ongoing learning innovation.

What Happens In Intersection Partnerships?

Intersections partnerships aim to put connected learning into action by linking great learning institutions like ASTC museums with high capacity teacher leaders through local National Writing Project sites. Together, these partners take advantage of new relationships, new digital tools, and rich community settings to jump start powerful science learning for young people. Intersections partnerships are dynamic collaborations that engage educators in museums, schools, and communities to create rich learning opportunities across the STEM ecosystem.

Why Do Partnerships Matter?

Intersections teams consist of educators who work in formal and informal spaces who come together from different worlds, each bringing unique and complimentary goals, strengths, and resources.