Making & Hacking

Resources that support educators to think about what students can make and do.

Jay Silver: Hack a Banana, Make a Keyboard

Why can't two slices of pizza be used as a slide clicker? Why shouldn't you make music with ketchup? In this charming TED talk, inventor Jay Silver talks about the urge to play with the world around you. He shares some of his messiest inventions, and demos MaKey MaKey, a kit for hacking everyday objects.

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The Players Guide to Hacking Games

This one page resource is an easy-to-understand guide to the idea of hacking games that could easily be shared and used with youth participants.

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Bug Body Hack one-pager

Tar River's Remix Remake Curate MOOC explores the natural world of bugs in their second Make Cycle. Learners are given tools and videos for identifying anthropods (insects and arachnids), This Bug Body Hack one-pager identifies bug body parts so that learners can begin to create/hack athropods using found objects.

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