Professional Development Resources

Readings and activities designed to support educators' conversations about science and literacy learning.

Facilitator Response Framework

This framework helps facilitators respond to student work in a way that pulls science and poetry concepts out of the make and includes them in the response.

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Guide to a Writing Marathon

This in-depth guide—drawn from the book "I'm a Writer": Essays on the Writing Marathon and Why We Write—covers just about everything needed to organize and run a successful writing marathon.

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Science Around Me Activity

This low-bar-to-participation activity invites participants to turn to their own devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops) to search for evidence of the science around them, and to use these images as a starting point for discussion.

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Let’s Take Another Look at the Fish: The Writing Process as Discovery

A classic writing-project activity designed by high school science teacher Bob Tierney, this activity helps science teachers see the value of writing and writing teachers delve into questions of science.

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Finding the science in your experience

This activity developed to connect or find science in personal experiences. Using the article, "The 95% Solution," as a framework, participants were guided through a series of steps designed to support them in the process of developing an interest-based, science learning experience.

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